Source:  / Photo: Brittany Werges

Source: / Photo: Brittany Werges

colin og in 303

If your genetics are going to be associated with a musician, you're gonna want that musician to be Willie Nelson. If the genetics bear your namesake, all the better.

In their recent article, "How Do Musicians' Cannabis Strains Pair With Their Music? We Find Out," 303 Magazine paired ETHOS' Colin OG (named after ETHOS Founder, Colin Gordon) with Willie Nelson's classic "Willie and Family Live" album. Sounds good to us.

According to 303:

The Lowdown: Colin OG by far had the most distinct and pungent smell and flavor of all the buds we tried out. It was fruity and sweet with hints of berry. The indica effects were prominent, creating a buzzing body high and drowsiness but also created a blissful and happy mood. This strain was perfect for Nelson’s slower songs. “One Day At a Time,” “Crazy” and the “Red Headed Stranger Medley,” created a softer, slower and more personal mood. This mood was great to sit back and smoke to and just soak up the twang of Nelson’s Nashville drawl.

Verdict: This dude has been smoking weed for more than 60 years, and he wasn’t messing around when he added this to his brand, Willie’s Reserve. This strain pairs nicely with the mellower and more relaxed songs for a high that will definitely help unwind and chill.

Source: "How Do Musicians' Cannabis Strains Pair With Their Music?" by Symone Roque / April 14, 2017 / / April 14, 2017.

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