Colorado Chem


Colorado Chem


{(CHEM 4 x CHEM 91) x CHEM D x i95} x GORILLA GLUE 4

Five years in the making and finally ready for release. Colorado Chem RBx3 is a vigorous and lush plant with strong lateral branching. Classic large Chem Dog flowers with a terpene spectrum that burns the nose and an acrid sour gas and chemical aroma that's pungent and complex.

A limited production along with her highest of qualities in all categories will make this one of our more coveted strains.

• 6 Alpha-Fem Seeds

• Tested at: 30% THC

• Yield: Heavy

• Days Flower: 65-70


• Plant Morphology: Low

• Flower Morphology: Medium

• Terpene Profile: Chem + Sour

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