Thoughts from the Garden

on feeling

• Most anger is thinly veiled pain. See it as such, and it won't hurt you.

• I'm not him.

• The best moments are when you're not even sure why you're laughing. The best of those, are with your kids.

• "At the apex of my voices' reach; my desire to be silent was never so deep."

on winning

• Your success is not predicated upon anyone else's failure.

• Fame is a symptom of a sociological affliction.

on being

• Within the infinite construct of time and space, you're conscious RIGHT NOW.

• The three words (non-pronouns) you most disproportionately use in your life, summarize your personality.

• There is only one true enemy of a person. This enemy is smarter, more manipulative and impossible to capture. It is your ego...and it is your warden. Awakening is your only escape....but first you must see the prison.

• The obstacles you create define you. They are an illusion.

on doing

• Manifest good.

• I'm going to be more surgical with my words and actions.

• “However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?”
- Buddha Shakyamuni

• You can't radicalize an agnostic.

• Gossip, factual rehash or conceptual? What kind of conversations will you initiate today?

• The need or compulsion to hang on conspiracy theories comes from the feeling of lack of control of your life and the world. It's a defense mechanism that's triggered by fear. The amygdala triggers chemicals that override certain types of "logic;" creating a cognitive dissonance. Holding on to the narrative is the only thing that keeps the person feeling safe. It's not "stupid." This is a natural reaction to a very unnatural world.