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Origin Of A Name: Super Lemon Haze

By Colin Gordon and Ben Owens

People love renaming cuts. Anything to add that marketing appeal to an existing variety which is why we end up with plants that are supposedly the same but vary greatly in expression. It’s especially common when strains are rebranded, as was the case of Super Lemon Haze.

Real Sativas, no matter where they are from, are very similar genetically but may be vary different in expression based on where they grow. In earlier years of cannabis, genetics primarily came out of India and surrounding areas. Humans have been cannabis adjacent for so many 1000s of years that a lot of distinct cultivars have come along in certain areas but genetically, it seems everything traces back to India and the Kush mountains.

When traders and explorers traveled the world, they brought these seeds with them. As a result, distinctive cultivars grown in different regions began to showcase these expressions, some of which took particular names for those cuts while others were outright renamed as was the case with Super Lemon Haze, a strain name that has been used loosely enough as to create confusion surrounding its true origins. ETHOS is the only genetics company to have bred Male/Female packs of Super Lemon Haze (F5), and that’s largely a result of personal frustrations with inconsistent labeling and breeding practices in early seed markets.

Super Lemon Haze - Amsterdam 2008


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